Nature based tourism


Nature based tourism is a responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people. Furthermore, it provides incentives for local communities and landowners to conserve wildlife habitats upon which the industry depends; it promotes conservation by placing an increased value on remaining natural areas. As nature tourism becomes more important to the local economy, communities have additional incentive to conserve their remaining natural areas for wildlife and wildlife enthusiasts.

We are promoting nature based tourism activities on our conservation sites. When you choose to travel this way, you are not part of mass tourism, but part resposible tourism, which specializes in small groups and in depth “ on the field” knowledge. As part of your travel plans, you consciously choose to enjoy your holiday as a learning and enrichment experience whilst also:


  • Minimally impacting on the environment
  • Learning about and respecting the local culture and environment
  • Obtaining positive experiences for all
  • Employing and benefitting local people
  • Learning about the local political, social and environmental issues
  • Ensuring that you're spending contributes to the conservation of the area
  • Assisting in preserving a special habitat such as wildlife, farming, nature, water etc.
  • Learning and taking back new ideas back to influence your own environment
  • Obtaining new unmatched experiences
  • Helping to benefit not only Sri Lanka but the world as well


Tour Packages: 7 days, 10 days, 14 days and tailaor made packages.
Other tours fasilities: birding, treking, nature tours, camping etc.









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