Environmental Education



School environmental program


In particular, the school children have remained untapped in the drive to promote environmental protection in Sri Lanka. This project approach is intended to launch a drive that will empower the younger generation to learn more and appreciate the environment, to learn how to utilize it while protecting it. Thus, our "School Environmental Education"  programmes are designed to develop the skills and change the attitudes positively towards the environment. Further, it gives a better understanding of the relationships between human beings, their-cultures, and the biophysical world. Our programmes also help to encourage curiosity, foster awareness and lead to an informed concern which will eventually be expressed in terms of positive action.


The intended outcome of the programme is to have a network of conservation education societies, functioning in schools in the wet zone of Sri Lanka. They will be acting as an environmental protector of their family who will deliver a greater awareness on biodiversity, deforestation, climate change, conservation education and knowledge which they will gain through the program. It will help them to identify and take action against these environmental problems.









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